Straight or Integral Backsplash?
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Straight or Integral Backsplash?

The beauty of using Solid Surface means you have choices. If you want to have a truly custom look to your kitchen or bath, you may want to consider asking for an "integral" or "coved" backsplash. Let’s discuss a few differences between a straight seam and an integral backsplash.

Differences to consider:

  • Appearance

  • Durability

  • Hygiene

  • Cost

An integral backsplash offers a beautiful finished look with numerous benefits. Traditional countertops can be found with the backsplash set on top of countertop and fused with silicone to hold in place. But Solid Surface material provides us with the ability to improve on that design.

Are you a little fuzzy on what kind of backsplash we’re talking about? An integral backsplash is a way of connecting a backsplash with the countertop without visible seams.

So why go with an integral backsplash? Well for starters, it shows off the custom craftsmanship of your countertops to anyone who sees it. Countertops By Starian prides itself on delighting customers with our skill in this department, rest assured, you’ll be delighted with our work! Your kitchen countertop is like a work of art and reflects your distinct style and preference.

This design feature stands the test of time. An integral backsplash becomes part of the countertop, so it functions as one whole unit. This custom piece is often bonded together in our workshop and will be delivered and installed as one solid piece. It means you'll have durability and longevity, even if cabinets settle years later, you’ll never have that unsightly gap between the countertop and backsplash.

It’s also the most hygienic option you can choose! Solid surface is a nonporous material, so bacteria and germs can’t find a place to grow. Creating an integral backsplash takes it a step further. When you eliminate seams, you leave no place for dirt or food to be trapped and it’s incredibly convenient for clean-up. No worries about bacteria growing. The straight edge may need retouching with silicone every few years. This application is highly complimentary in bathrooms and in locations like Dr’s offices, as well as kitchens. There is an additional cost for an integral backsplash, but the size of your project will dictate what the price variation might be. You may find the price varies based on who your fabricator is. It's important to select someone with experience and skill when adding this customization.

We're happy to quote you with both options for your next solid surface project. Using a Solid Surface expert like Countertops By Starian is the key to have a beautiful integral piece that makes your countertop a work of fine craftsmanship. Interested in knowing more? Come to Countertops By Starian for examples of our work. If you’d like a tour of our workshop just let us know!

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